Adelaide Outlaws 23rd Birthday

September 28, 2008

Adelaide Outlaws held their 23rd birthday celebration at the Croatian Club Hall in Brompton on Saturday September 27th. The guest caller was Steve Turner from Western Australia who called his extremely popular "Light the Candles" accompanied by Graham Elliott as the finale to a wonderful night of square dancing. The event was well attended with 15 squares on the floor for mainstream.

The activity was based around an International theme and this was reflected in a dazzling variety of colourful costumes.

Ladies in International Dress

Ladies in International Dress

The 34th South Australian State Convention

September 6, 2008

Richard Muir from WAThe Convention Commitee

The State convention held at the William Light School over three days Friday 29th to Sunday 31st August was a success.

On Saturday night there were about 12 squares up with many people sitting out.

The Saturday and Sunday afternoon dances / workshops were not as well attended.  As unusual, those that could dance attended and those that should learn to improve their dance standards stayed at home.

Jeff SeidelThe level of calling was of a high order with Richard Muir really challenging and extending our dancers capabilities.  Plus was just that, plus with very few mainstream calls in-between.

Graham Elliot, Jeff Seidel and our all time champion Colin Hudson ably supported Richard Muir by providing a varied and colourful dance/program.

The black and white theme for the Sunday evening dance was well supported. Jeff Seidel in his black shirt and white tie looked more like the Godfather than a square dance caller.


Richard and Danae


The organizing committee are to be congratulated with especial thanks to Danae Dandridge the convener of the convention.

Thnks also to Ian for his rendition of I still call Australia home which he sang at the end of the convention.

I still call Australia home.










All in all a most enjoyable occasion.