Traveling Hoedowners Release Square Dance Party DVD

February 15, 2009

The Traveling Hoedowners have released their Square Dance Party Pack with caller Paul Place and guest caller Gene McCullough. There are 16 Mainstream dances and 14 Plus dances, both patter and singing calls, on 2 DVDs and 2 CDs.

Paul Place and the Traveling Hoedowners had planned this project for quite some time but when Paul was diagnosed with cancer in early 2008 the project was put on hold. Paul moved back to Alabama to spend time with his family but was able to return to Orlando for the shoot.

Most of the material was recorded on July 7, 2008 by a professional video team using three cameras for the shoot. There was a dedicated caller camera, a high camera looking down on the dancers, and a roving floor camera on the dancers. These three views were edited together for the finished video.

Also included are two dances called by Paul Place from The Traveling Hoedowners’ first personal video recorded on March 21, 2007. For that filming there was only one camera, so two shoots were done and then edited together to get different views of one dance, so you may notice they do not quite match!

Now that Paul is gone, we are so thankful to have these recordings, and of course, wish we had captured even more of our favorite dances on video with him calling. We really miss him but now, with these videos, Paul will always be with us.

You can see full details, with lists of dances and samples of the videos, on Samples from The Traveling Hoedowners Mainstream and Plus Reference DVDs are also posted there.

February 6, 2009
Alice Craft

Square Dance Filming

Square Dance Filming

Vale Adrian Brown & Family

February 10, 2009





















It is with deep sorrow that we learn of the heartbreaking deaths of Adrian & Mirribelle Brown, and their Children; Eric, Matthew and Brielle in the Kinglake bushfires

 The thoughts, prayers and condolences of the Australian square dance community especially go out to Gary, Robyn, and close family / friends of the Brown's, indeed to all those affected by the horrific bushfires which started on 7th February 2009 that have devastated many small towns and communities  in Victoria, Australia.

 Adrian and his family were deeply involved with square dancing.  He was editor of the magazine Squares Around Victoria (SAV) and the son of Gary and grandson of Marion (Australian National Square Dance Convention life patrons).  A special March Edition of SAV is being prepared in their honour. No doubt more information will be posted on the Victorian Square Dancing Association website:

 Messages of condolence and support can be left at  Donations toward the Bushfire appeal can be made at  All monies received by Red Cross Australia will be spent on victim relief; no administration fees will be deducted.