Square Dance for Camp Quality Kids

April 25, 2009

On Wednesday evening 22nd April, Wild Frontier Square Dance Club caller Jeff Seidel and two club members were privileged to be part of a Camp Quality fun week at Mylor.  Jeff had been approached by Louanne, one of Camp Quality's volunteers to put on a square dance at their camp.











Camp quality caters for children with cancer from birth up to 18 years of age.  For the full storey and more photos, go to the website below.  Scroll down past the "front page information" to the Camp Quality Square Dance article:

Square Dancing Is Back at Cooinda SA!

April 18, 2009





A new square dance club IC Squares has emerged in Adelaide, South Australia and is looking for new dancers.  Don Newberry (treasurer) has been associated with the Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre for many years and commenced square dancing there in 1988 when Colin Dandridge called there.  Since that time a few callers  have operated out of the centre, the last being Les Tulloch.  When Les decided to take his club Sunset Twirlers to greener pastures, Don was determined to keep this great pastime going at Cooinda.  Supported by Marion Council Don kept the venue open and persuaded Ivan Cooke to call at the Cooinda. 

Ivan Cooke

Ivan Cooke

Ivan calls Mainstream brackets every Thursday night, currently 8.0 PM to 10.30 PM. Alternate mainstream and learners brackets are called until supper time, learners are welcome to join the club anytime.  Trying to fit new learners in whilst maintaining the progress of other learners is a bit of a problem and Ivan is considering starting classes a bit earlier for the newer learners then progressively integrating them with more experienced dancers.

IC Squares president is Laurrie Nakivell who is well known at other square dance venues.  Ivan's wife Janine and many dancers from other clubs regularly attend and provide good support.  Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre is located behind the Marion Council Chambers Sturt Road Marion, there is a spacious free floodlit car park.


Laurie is on the right

Laurie is on the right


If you would like to try square dancing, the first two lessons are free.  For more information contact Don (08) 8296 9403 or Laurie (08) 8296 9362 


Learners Jessie & Lucy

Learners Jessie & Lucy

We at Square Dance Magazine hope IC Squares grows, thrives and its members reap the rewards they so richly deserve.