What are the privacy and security risk of speakers?

If you are willing to buy a kind of speaker which is connected to the internet and record all the conversation then send it to data-hunger company? Is it good for you? It is not good for you; it leads to a risk of privacy and security when you are buying it for your home.

There are some benefits of the best 6×8 speakers, but like other sources, there are some cons of using smart speakers. We have heard some stories related to speakers of those people who have a bad experience of using smart speakers. So, while buying a speaker check the privacy and security system and there are few other following aspects that you need to consider.


Some smart speakers are listing everything which we are saying. In today’s technology some smart speaker activated by “wake word” or “ok Google”, hearing these words the speaker analysis whatever comes after. To listen these words speaker activated their microphone all the time. This becomes a cause of looking to your all conversation, and after that, it shares it without any permission and leads to a big privacy issue.

Storage of data

All the data is stored in the cloud, and the smart speaker keeps coping of each voice which they hear and send it to the cloud storage. This means when someone takes your phone and they will able to listen to the conversation through the mobile phone which is not good for you. There is no difference between the hacking of your email or speaker’s recording; they both are leads to risk if privacy and security.


When the 6×9 speakers connected with your Smartphone, then there are some unwanted triggering commands receives. Unfortunately, if you accept any command, then it works and become a risk if privacy and security.

  These are some threats which you keep in your mind while buying 6×9 speakers. These speakers have some risks of privacy; otherwise, it is a good source of making the day enjoyable.

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