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Are you looking for the best router to buy? If yes then this purchase will never be easy for you after buying the router, for further tasks the person needs to pay for it. If one wants to save money on buying the router and for the further purchases as well, they should buy the best and genuine one. There are many things on which the person needs to pay attention while buying the router but the most important thing is that are you aware of the types of routers. If you don’t know about the types of routers then how you can claim for the one to be the best one, that is why read the post and get to know about the types of routers to find the suitable one. When you get the best router and modem, this is one of the defaults IP address.

  Types of routers:-

As per the professionally trained people, there are two types of routers available, which are wireless and the wired one. Here is a short description is given about both the routers to make the person know which one will be the best option for them.

Wired Routers:

For the household and the office purpose, these routers are made. The signals will be received from the modem, and it provides the signals to different PCs. There are few ports in a router is having, and one can use the hub for the interconnection between those networks and PCs.

Wireless Routers:

The working of the router is similar to the wired ones, but the difference is only that it is wireless. The connection is made and gets connected with others from within the device due to its advanced technology. The benefit of using wireless ones is that it gets connected with the mobile phone, tablets, and other wireless devices.  

So make sure to make a better purchase of router by keeping these things in mind.

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