Is shrimp your favorite dish? Get the best shrimp recipe here!

Most of you will be drooling, even seeing the name of your favorite dish material shrimp.  Well, learn how to make one of the most popular shrimp dishes that are shrimp with noodles here. We will be making a dish that serves four people and gets prepared in less than an hour. Get your hands on the best shrimp peeler and get started with the super easy and yummalicious shrimp!

What material will you need to make the finger-licking good shrimp noodles?

You will need the crunchy munchy veggies like green onion, bell peppers, or anything you like to add or deduct. Then you need the prom king and queen that are shrimp and spaghetti. You will need spices like ginger and garlic paste, salt, black pepper. You will also need oil to cook in so get sesame and olive oil along with vinegar. Get cornstarch, soy sauce, chili sauce, chicken broth to thicken the curry. Lastly, get cilantro for garnishing.

How to make the dish?

You can begin with cooking the spaghetti in salted boiling water and drain it when it’s edible. On the other hand, take a pan and add oils to it and fry the veggies along with spices and shrimp once they get cooked like for 3 minutes. You will find the change in the color of shrimp. Empty the pan, and next cooks make the curry with rest things and let it all blend in. Lastly, add the spaghetti and the shrimp to it and steam it for a while!

The-duh!! Your sizzling and savoring dish is ready! You can serve it hot and make your guests happy with all the natural efforts you put in making the dish. There are many more recipes that are easy to make that consist of shrimp.

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