Coach and its different ventures that offer different luxury products!

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Coach is a popular and widely used brand that produces luxury products such as leather handbags, shoes, etc. Coach has also started its clothing line, which is also getting popular speedily. Coach clothing offers leather products and other premium quality product. It is famous for its unique designs and creative ideas which infuses all the cultures in the products. Initially, the coach was a small brand which began in a small workshop, but soon it gained a lot of popularity and got famous all over the globe with millions of customers. After getting popular and immensely successful coach took over a few other brands too and expanded its business.

Different brands that Coach took over!

Coach was originated in 1941 and soon developed into a big company with more than 17000 employees. As the company grew and gained more popularity, it purchased some other brands too and broadened its business. The company later changed its name to Tapestry in October 2017.

Kate Spade New York

It is an American company founded by a famous fashion designer of America Kate Spade. It was founded in 1993, and the starting was identical to the coach company. In 2017 coach purchased this company and paid Spade $2.4 billion of the deal. Unfortunately, in the late stage of his life, Spade killed herself when she was 55 years old and left the company devastated.

Stuart Weitzman

It was a famous company that manufactured luxury shoes and was named after the founder of the company. Weitzman brothers started this company in 1950 and flourished in manhattan under a massive operation. In the year 2015 coach purchased this brand for $574 million. It helped to widen the product lines of Coach as it introduced coach clothing line.

Note: The coach was renamed in 2017, and from then it is better known as Tapestry all over the world.

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