Square Dance Dress Set

Square Dance Magazine is an independent Internet-based magazine whose goal is to promote square and round dancing to the wider community without the restrictions that come with being part of a club or organization.

We welcome contributions from square and round dance enthusiasts from any part of the world. Since our foundation editors are Australian there is likely to be an Australian bias initially until we can recruit some overseas editors.

Robert Scott and Roger Marchant of Wild Frontier Square Dance Club, in Adelaide, South Australia are the current editors and we are happy to assist anyone (especially club representatives) who wishes to publish relevant material to this web-site.

If you are a square dance club without a web page, you can post articles and information on this site, you can even have your own club page. This is a FREE service, given to you in the true spirit of square dancing. Initially we will post your information for you, but, once we recognize you as a bona fide organization, you will be able to post your own articles.

Photo's and articles may on this site may be freely copied, providing they are used in a positive way to promote square dancing, and they are credited to with a byline or link. Anything that is copyright or cannot be freely used will contain a notice to that effect.