Square Dance Society Christmas Dance

November 18, 2007

The South Australian Square Dance Society held its annual Christmas Dance on Saturday Night at the RSB Hall, Gilles Plains and was well supported with six squares on the floor most of the night.

The night started with half an hour of round dancing cued by Les Tulloch and Thelma McCue followed by several hours of mainstream square dancing with one Plus bracket, along with a couple more round dances. Jeff Seidel, Graham Elliott, Les Tulloch and Collin Hudson shared the square dance calling.

During a break in dancing, dancers were asked to vote on dispersal of leftover funds remaining after the State organization hosted the annual national square dance convention in June. Funds were allocated to various state square dance interests including $10,000 being put into a trust fund for seed financing for the next Adelaide national convention, plus an additional $3500 in the same trust to be used as a loan to any future committe setting up a national  convention in Darwin.

An enjoyable supper and a great night of dancing was had by all. Thank you to the state committee for organizing and running another successful night of round and square dancing, and for the subsidized $2 entry fee.


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