2011 Speewa Easter Hoedown PART TWO

May 2, 2011

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Saturday 23rd April 2011

A rest day (for some) -  poor old Norm, after cooking God knows how many eggs and bacon for breakfast, there he was unblocking the septic tank (thank goodness he did things in that order), then he tried in vain to unblock a second grey water tank overflow which was creating a damp patch in the middle of the caravan site.

We took our dogs for a walk to the ferry and had a long chat with Mr Butcher the ferryman who has been operating the ferry for umpteen years; nice bloke!  Des had already set up the marquee next to the ferry in preparation for the evenings activities.  What a thoughtful Des, thinking how hungry our two dogs are, we found on our return that he had left them a bone.  Mind you he is a bit mean, he only gave them one bone to share rather than one each (see picture below).


 I think we will need a bit of help to bury this one

 By 4.00PM, most of the vehicles had left our campsite and gone in to Swan Hill for the boat dance.  Each year when the boat goes past the riverside caravan park, Peter puts on a bit of a show, urging dancers to be sprightly and happy (who knows we could attract dome newcomers).  Last year we danced to Proud Mary as we passed the caravaner’s lined up along the fence watching our antics.  This year Peter planned to do Old Man River but…… the caravan park hove into view…phuttt… perclunk.  The generator on the boat cut out and they motored past the caravan park in silence.  The fickle finger of fate struck once again.

 So we  arrived at the area next to the ferry early and set up our tables and chairs in preparation for our meal.  What a great job Des had done, the area was totally flooded a few months ago, and no doubt the area was covered in debris.  Des had cleaned up, scraped and levelled the whole area.  Well done Des you’re worth your weight in cockies chaff!

 We had a magnificent roast beef dinner (in the usual country fashion 1kg of sliced roast beef per person with some cauliflower cheese, mashed pumpkin, mixed vegies and a potato as a garnish).  It was most pleasant sitting outside (rugged up of course because the temperature must have been down around the 10C mark) sipping our wine and listening to the country music playing over Peters sound system.  Then they lit the bonfire and anyone who was still cold could get warm next to it and those who wished toasted marshmallows.

 Next came the endless pancake session, and they are not them city slicker pikelets either, they a r the size of dinner plates with loads of maple syrup of lemon juice and sugar  (I admit I managed 3).

Whilst the endless pancakes continued, Peter put on some music for the children including the birdie dance, nutbush city limits, twist and shout, monster mash and that song where yo-all, clap your hands, do two steps to the left, jump, cha cha… etc, to that hip American negro rapper …. I don’t know his name.  As can be seen in the photos some of the children were a tad over 60 years old.  The photos next are from the riverside banquet.

 Cheese sauce on your cauliflower sir?

 Not bad this restaurant- let’s come back next year

Our demure chef

 Kids just love sparklers

 Norm “pancake el supremo” – just look at the size of those pancakes!

 He must be doing something right they queued and queued.

 Then it was back to the Barn where we commenced dancing at around 10.30PM.  The first tip had three singing calls, the next tip four calls and so on.  Helen and I bailed out after a tip of 6 calls, but the stalwarts remained until around 3.00 AM completing a final tip of 9 calls making a total of 42 singing calls for that night.  Peter did threaten to do a half hour hoedown – thankfully he did not prevail.  No photos of that event, I was tucked up in my warm bed.



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