A Successful 49th Convention

June 15, 2008


 The Queensland 49th Australian Square Dance Convention committee are to be congratulated; they ran a very successful convention at a splendid venue, the Sleeman Centre, in Chandler, a suburb of Brisbane.  The venue, a sports centre surrounded by gum trees bush gardens, BBQ break out areas and many capacious car parks, was built for the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

More than 1100 dancers enjoyed the dancing, with 81 listed callers and cuers.  Approximately 60% of attendees travelled from interstate and overseas including USA, Canada UK, and New Zealand; 47 dancers made the trip from Japan.

The convention was opened by Brisbane councillor Adrian Schrinner who is extremely supportive and during his opening speech suggested square dancing be adopted as the official dance for the state of Queensland.

The convention theme was based on Walt Disney’s movie The Lion King.  Outstanding stage props and an opening ceremony incorporating an African group Paparasa African Drums ensured the convention started with a bang (excuse the pun).

The dress set parade and dance was spectacular with 45 dress sets; 6 from Japan (one Australian made up the numbers), 3 from New Zealand, 1 from USA, 1 from Tasmania, 2 from ACT, 2 from SA, 2 from Vic, 3 from NSW and an incredible 21 from Qld.  Approximately 80 non registered spectators looked on and some asked where they could learn to dance.

It was pleasing to see approximately 40 fellow crow eaters made the trip up to this memorable event.  Well done Queensland!  In anticipation, I eagerly await Perth 2009 and have already registered.



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  1. Editor on June 21st, 2008 6:06 am

    Thank you Roger for this report on the 49th Australian Square Dance Convention, and especially for the photo’s! For those of us who couldn’t make it to Brisbane the photo’s help to bring the convention to life. There is no better sight than a hall full of people enjoying square dancing.

    Now we have next year’s convention in Perth to look forward to. Start booking and planning now.

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