Just Released: TAWS Annual Report

August 14, 2008

National Coordinators’ Annual Report


Welcome to this the inaugural AGM of Travelling Australia With Squaredancers, otherwise referred to as TAWS.

Today we celebrate one year since the official formation of TAWS, at the 48th National Convention In Adelaide.  At this point I wish to pay tribute to the late Don Gillespie, ( our original National Coordinator ), who tragically drowned whilst snorkelling at Bowen, in Northern Queensland, on 23rd August 2007.  With the loss of Don, the role of National Coordinator became a Joint effort between Chris/Mal Parrington, and Sandra/Leighton Bloomfield. Mal has assumed most of the administrative responsibility for TAWS due to Sandra and Leighton’s commitments as Co-conveners of this the 49th National Convention .

From a group of 10 or so enthusiasts prior to our official formation in June 2007 we now boast 134 email addresses on our register of members. This figure equates to some 280 members including a few who do not have email facilities but rely on others to pass information on.  We do urge members to pass on TAWS information at their clubs, viz hard copies to friends and/or displaying information on club notice boards.
At the time of launch we did not have representation in West Australia, despite efforts to notify dancers in that state. However subsequently we gained the services of Margaret & Colin Brown, who have worked tirelessly to spread the word on TAWS throughout WA. Thanks to their efforts we now have a number of members from WA, some of whom have attended the highly successful TAWS Casino Hoedown,  ( an official part of the Casino Beef Week), which ran from 27May – 03 June 2008


Optimum effort is afforded in the preparation and distribution of this document for members. The aim is to provide a single document from which members have a snapshot of special square dance events programmed throughout the Nation. This document can only be as good as the information provided to us.  We acknowledge the following sources of data for the Diary: Victorian Square Dance Association; South Australian Square Dance Society; Northern N.S.W. Square Dance Association; the South Pacific Review
Square Dance Society of Queensland; Margaret & Colin Brown and a number of clubs.  We trust that the Diary of Events fulfils our aims and would welcome suggestions for improvement.

TAWS information is posted on a number of websites namely:

 You will also find TAWS links on a number of Club websites.  We acknowledge the efforts of the respective Webmasters for listing TAWS information.

A TAWS Logo has been adopted and appears on our official letterhead, which most people would have seen in recent email information, it also appears on the websites and is now appearing on merchandise.

A limited range of merchandise has recently become available for members to purchase. The range thus far is limited to clothing embroidered with the TAWS Logo as follows:
a. baseball style caps available in Navy Blue, or Black @ $12.00 each,
b. Ladies V Neck T shirts, in a range of colours @ $15.00 plus $3.00 postage
c. Ladies Polo Shirts in a range of colours @ $25.00 plus $3.00 postage
d. Men’s polo shirts in a range of colours @ $25.00 plus $3.00 postage

Sales of merchandise will be a gradual process because members need to try on samples for correct sizing, and colour selection prior to ordering. Mal Parrington has samples available along with Order forms. Call in to the TAWS stall at the National to see and/or order the merchandise.  At the time of writing, investigation is under way for the possible manufacture and supply of a TAWS Banner for official functions, and flags for purchase by members.  Other items such as car stickers are being considered.

Two official TAWS functions were organised during the reporting period namely:

a. the TAWS Casino Hoedown 26May08 – 03Jun08, and
b. the TAWS Post National Fun & Dance Weekend at Buderim13-15Jun08.

The Casino Hoedown was convened in cooperation with the following organisations:
a. CMCA Casino Village,
b. Casino Beef Week committee, and
c. Willi Whirlers Square Dance Club.
We are also indebted to Wilma Flannery for her support, and cooperation in the organising and coordinating of the people and activities associated with this most successful event.

We also acknowledge the support and cooperation of Nev & Bev McLachlan for the organisation of the Post National Fun & Dance Weekend which is sure to be a memorable event. This event is significant insomuch that it is effectively the birthplace of TAWS.  It is pleasing to note that both the above functions have, and are being attended by members from all States of Australia.  A separate report will be prepared for the above functions

From a National Cordinator viewpoint our first year of operation is considered to be one of success, despite some early set backs. Notwithstanding we recognise that there is always room for improvement and we look to you the Members for ideas and continuing support.  Meanwhile have fun while dancing and travelling.

Report compiled by:

Mal Parrington
For and on behalf,
Chris/Mal Parrington & Sandra/Leighton Bloomfield
TAWS Joint National Coordinators


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