August 10, 2008


Mal Parrington opened the meeting at 2.00pm and welcomed all in attendance and introduced the National Co-ordinators.

Present: There were 65 attendees at this the 1st Annual meeting of Travelling Australia with Squaredancers, (TAWS).

Apologies: Mary Slaats, Chris Parrington, Mal & Lyn Walker, Ron & Faye Dalzell, Frank Bennett, Fred Mackinney, Gil Talbot, Colin & Margaret Brown, Tony Alessi.
1. Minutes from Inaugural Meeting - Adelaide
The minutes were read out and they were moved by NSW and seconded by Vic that they were a true record.  All in favour.   Carried.

2. Article in the South Pacific Square Dance Review
A half-page article was inserted into the South Pacific Square Dance Review listing the National Co-ordinators’ names and how to contact them.

3. National Co-ordinators Report
On behalf of the National Co-ordinators, Mal Parrington read out the Annual report, ( to be distributed separately to members), and requested that, when we are speaking about TAWS, we should initially use the full name.

4. Merchandise
The merchandise available for purchase is : – caps, polo shirts, tee shirts,& jackets.  To raise money for a banner and related items, a raffle was run and Mal thanked Ann Johnson and Allan Tuckfield for their effort in conducting the raffle. (the raffle raised $184.00 for TAWS).
Mal thanked the Australian Advanced Square Dance Association for the donation of $150.00 towards the purchase of a banner.  Bumper stickers were suggested, but it was thought that a caravan sticker would be more appropriate rather than a bumper sticker.  Sandra Bloomfield and Joe Slaats offered to obtain prices for the production of stickers. Action Qld. Rep and Joe Slaats

5. Casino Hoedown/Beef Week Festival
Mal Parrington is preparing a report of this event which he will circulate to all members.  Wilma Flannery was acknowledged for her efforts with this event.
6. Post National Fun & Dance Weekend
7. This TAWS event has been organized at Buderim for the weekend following the National Convention, and Mal acknowledged Nev and Bev McLachlan for their efforts with that weekend.
8. Election of Officers
John Cornell moved that we retain the National Co-ordinators of Mal and Chris Parrington and Leighton and Sandra Bloomfield.  This was seconded by Joe Slaats.  All in favour.   Carried.

The State Representatives elected are –

Western Australia    Colin & Margaret Brown
Victoria     James Fellows
Tasmania     John & Pam Cornell
New South Wales    Wilma Flannery
Australian Capital Territory  Craig & Marilyn Gardner
Queensland     Leighton & Sandra Bloomfield
South Australia    Mal & Chris Parrington

All were in favour of the new Representatives.     Carried.

9. General Business

Miniature Banners
It was moved by John Cornell and seconded by Russell Mole that we source quotes for miniature banners.  The production of these banners will depend on funding. Action Mal Parrington and Joe Slaats seek quotes
Mal reiterated that TAWS is a common interest group and we do not want to collect monies as that will necessitate having a treasurer and a committee.  This would remove the fun and simplicity of the activity
Russell Mole suggested that we talk to Bruce Laurenson in Brisbane regarding the banner. Action: Qld. Rep’
John Cornell reiterated that we need banners to display at events.
Mal told the group that he had produced a cardboard mock-up banner for TAWS.

Other Merchandise
Other items that were suggested were – stubby coolers, spare wheel covers, flags for caravans and motor homes, stickers for caravans and motor homes, badges.
Barry Russel moved that we investigate the possibility of producing a badge.  This was seconded by John Hannaford.  Discussion then took place about how payment for the badges could be made.  We will look into obtaining a price for a badge.  All were in favour of having a badge.     Carried.  Action: Qld. Rep

Future Events
  Mal asked for any ideas for future events.  The following were suggested –
- Octoberfest in the Barossa  Action SA Rep
- Kelly Country  Action Vic. Rep
- Batemans Bay  Action NSW Rep
- John Cornell suggested that anyone who is driving to Tasmania, a TAWS event could be arranged  Action Tas. Rep
- Ceduna was suggested – on the way to Perth  Action TBA
- If there is anything happening in your state, let the National Co-ordinators know. – Wilma Flannery stated how good the TAWS Casino Hoedown was for square dancing and the betterment of square dancing
- We could have a dance anywhere and hand out leaflets – take tapes/CDs with us and have a dance. Breakfast or a barbecue could be included.
- Tag-along groups could get together.
- Individuals should contact the State Representatives when a function is happening in their State.
- Mal stated that the State Representatives need to be very proactive.

The Road Ahead
At this stage, no one has expressed any dissatisfaction with our current progress, or organization.

Other General Business

- For those members who do not have email, please send a stamped addressed envelope to your State Representative.  A point was brought up for the State Representative to obtain permission have access to emails of TAWS members in their State.  No objections were received.
- The Aims and Objectives and the TAWS Administrative Guidelines should be sent to all members.
- The National Co-ordinators role is to provide the State Representatives with anything that is to be sent out and the State Representatives should then send this to their members.  State Representatives must  understand the privacy of members’ emails.

The raffle was drawn and the winners were –
1st Prize – Ron Trenorden and Joan Wratt
2nd Prize – Ann Nasmith.

Sandra Bloomfield gave a vote of thanks to Mal Parrington for chairing the meeting, and Mal thanked Leighton and Sandra Bloomfield for their support.

Meeting closed at 3.50pm.



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