TAWS Inaugural AGM

June 16, 2008


I attended the Travel Australia With Square Dancers (TAWS) inaugural annual general meeting on 6th June 2008 at the Australian National Square Dance Convention; Brisbane.

I counted 57 attendees (with many apologies).  This is encouraging, considering the inaugural meeting held at the SA National Square Dance Convention in June 2007 had 29 attendees.  Mal Harrington, the associations currently sends emails to approximately 300 TAWS members.

Many TAWS members danced at the TAWS Casino hoedown in NSW prior to attending the 49th National in Brisbane then moved on to Budrim (the birthplace of TAWS) on Tuesday 10th June, to spend some time on maintenance tasks at the dance hall there, prior to a further weekend of squared dancing on 13th -15th June.

The Objective of T.A.W.S. is to provide an opportunity for, and to encourage those interested in, both modern square dancing and travelling to combine these two activities for mutual enjoyment.  RV’ers meet according to events listed on the TAWS calendar and have a wow of a time.  To find out more email Mal & Chris Parrington at


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