November 20, 2007

Strewth! I thought our mob needed more dancers?  Aren’t our numbers down because many of our older cobbers have either carked it, or are becoming as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike? At the South Australian Square Dance Society (SADS) Xmas dance, on 17 November 2007, there wasn’t much cheer for the proposed Darwin Convention Committee (DCC).  After some Galah from the 48th National Square Dance Convention Committee gave a longwinded explanation of what they’d done and how much moolah was left over, a public meeting of SA square dancers knocked back a poultry $3,500.00 earmarked to kick-start a convention in Darwin (likely with a potential spin-off of a new club in those parts). Fair suck of a sav, all but one geezer voted to put the dough back into SA and loan it, rather than give it to the DCC.  The DCC must be spewin’!  Bloody loan it!  Who do the ratbags think they are, Aussie Home Loans?  That spare dough was earned through the hard graft of our fair dinkum SASDS committee and paid into the pot by our true blue cobbers from many parts of this sunburnt land. Get me straight like, I’m not saying just give it away, I’m not barracking for the other side no strings attached, they cant just p*ss it up against the wall.  But I reckon the DCC should be able to draw down to a limit of $3,500.00 if the SASDS give the thumbs up for each claim made. Fair dinkum, two SA clubs between them spent the same amount of money advertising to get new learners.  I reckon up in the Territory, wot with nothing on offer right now, there’s a ripper of a chance to attract new dancers.  More possible there than in SA; so the money would have been well spent. Perhaps the DCC should go to the NT Government, you know the phrase “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.  They’ve got less chance of being shafted by them drongos than they have from those tight bastards in SA! Am I unhappy?  Too right I am, it’s about time some joker threw a wobbly.



  1. Roger on November 20th, 2007 9:27 am

    I thing Scootback’s comments are a bit hard on some of the individuals concerned, however, as the “geezer” who voted against the motion (to put the money back into SASDS for their use) I agree that we do all need to pull together to attract more dancers into our fold – Nation wide not just in parochial SA.

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