How to be a better Square Dancer

April 10, 2012

Are you a new-comer to the fantastic world of square dancing? If so, here are some tips for beginners that will help you on your way to becoming a fully-fledged expert in the square dancing arena.

A key element of square dancing is to shuffle your feet. Do this by focusing your weight on the balls of your feet, lift your heel off the floor and then move in short gliding steps. The smoother that you can make this, the better your dancing will look and there is no need to lift your whole foot off the floor.

Another good tip is to remember to keep your squares tight. You can practice this at home, before relaxing over a game of Foxy Bingo or eating dinner and this will be very valuable to the way you perform while dancing with others. The reason why you shouldn't make your square too big, is that it will make you slow in executing calls, thus messing up the overall look of the dance. Don't make yourself cover too much ground, instead, keep everything neat and concise, and you will find the dancing a lot more pleasant and satisfying.

However, this does not mean that you should rush through calls. Simply allow yourself to be relaxed and to meld with the other dancers around you. This way, you will all be moving as one uniform unit and the overall effect will be fantastic.

Remember that you are there because you enjoy it and don't worry if you make a mistake, it happens to us all. Listen to the music and move to the beat, as this will ensure you all move as one. Above all, enjoy yourself and you will find that you improve in leaps and bounds, so get dancing.


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