December 7, 2007


Whilst we believe the information to be true at time of publication, we advise you to contact each club to confirm dates.


Wed 9-Jan-2008            Sunset Twirlers Rounds Reopens
Thur 10-Jan-2008         Sunset Twirlers Mainstream Reopens
Fri 11-Jan-2008             Wild Frontiers Reopens
Mon 14-Jan-2008          Kannella Squares A-C Reopens
Mon 14-Jan-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Learners Reopens
Tue 15-Jan-2008            Kannella Squares Plus & A1 Reopens
Fri 18-Jan-2008             The Weavers Reopens
Fri 18-Jan-2008             T&T Rounds Learners Reopens
Sun 20-Jan-2008           T&T Rounds Reopens
Mon 21-Jan-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Mainstream Re-opens
Wed 23-Jan-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Plus Re-opens
Thur 24-Jan-2008         T&T Rounds Reopens
Fri 25-Jan-2008             The Weavers Aussie Night
Fri 25-Jan-2008             Wild Frontiers Aussie Night
Mon 28-Jan-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Aussie BBQ
Thur 31-Jan-2008          Leisurely Squares Re-opens


Fri 1-Feb-2008              Shooting Stars Reopens with a BBQ
Mon 11-Feb-2008         Adelaide Outlaws St Valentines Charity Dance
Wed 13-Feb-2008         Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Fri 15-Feb-2008            Wild Frontier CLOSED
Fri 15-Feb-2008            Shooting Stars Valentines Night
Fri 15-Feb-2008            The Weavers Valentines Night
Sat 16-Feb-2008            Wild Frontiers 35 Birthday Celebration
Sat 23-Feb-2008            Leisurely Squares 9th Birthday Celebration


Sat 1-Mar-2008             SASDS Dance
Thur 6-Mar-2008 Wild Frontier Learners Class starts
Fri 7-Mar-2008             Shooting Stars CLOSED
Sat 8-Feb-2008             Kannella Squares Plus Night
Wed 12-Mar-2008        Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Thur 13-Mar-2008        Leisurely Squares AGM
Fri 14-Mar-2008           The Weavers St Patrick's Night
Fri 14-Mar-2008            Shooting Stars 35th Birthday
Sat 15-Mar-2008           Shooting Stars 35th Birthday

Thur 20-Mar-2008       Leisurely Squares Charity Night
Fri 21-Mar-2008           The Weavers CLOSED
Fri 21-Mar-2008           Wild Frontier CLOSED
Sat 22-Mar-2008          Wild Frontier Easter Dance
Sat 22-Mar-2008          SARDA 11th Festival of Rounds
Sun 23-Mar-2008         SARDA 11th Festival of Rounds
Mon 24-Mar-2008        Adelaide Outlaws "Idol" Easter Show
Thur 27-Mar-2008        SASDS Meeting
Fri 28-Mar-2008           Shooting Stars Easter Dance


Fri 4-Apr-2008             Weekend at Barmera
Sat 5-Apr-2008            Wild Frontier / Kannella Squares
Sun 6-Apr-2008            Combined with Shooting Stars

Wed 9-Apr-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Fri 18-Apr-2008           Wild Frontiers CLOSED
Sun 20-Apr-2008         Liesurley Squares Bus Trip
Fri 25-Apr-2008           Wild Frontier Anzac Day Dance
Fri 25-Apr-2008           Shooting Stars CLOSED


Fri 2-May-2008          Shooting Stars Pizza, AGM & Dance
Fri 2-May-2008          The Weavers CLOSED
Sat 3-May-2008          The Weavers 37th Birthday
Wed 7-May-2008        Wild Frontier / Kannella Squares Mid Year Dinner
Thur 8-May-2008        Leisurely Squares Mothers Day
Fri 9-May-2008           The Weavers Mothers Day Supper
Fri 9-May-2008           Shooting Stars Mothers Day Dance
Sat 10-May-2008         Kannella Squares Plus Night
Mon 12-May-2008      Adelaide Outlaws Mothers Day Chocoholics Dance
Wed 14-May-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Thur 22-May-2008      SASD Meeting
Sat 24-May-2008         SASD Dance
Thur 29-May-2008      T&T Rounds 17th Birthday  


Thur 5-Jun-2008
Fri 6-Jun-2008             49th Australian National Convention BRISBANE
Sat 7-Jun-2008             ALL CLUBS CLOSED
Sun 8-Jun-2008 
Mon 9-Jun-2008 
Tues 10-Jun-2008      Kannella Squares Plus Night
Wed 11-Jun-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Thur 20-Jun-2007      Shooting Stars Cross Dress Night
Fri 21-Jun-2008          SARDA Dance & AGM
Thur 26-Jun-2008      SASDS Meeting


Sat 5-Jul-2008            SA Callers Dance
Sat 5-Jul-2008            Shooting Stars Xmas in July
Mon 7-Jul-2008         Adelaide Outlaws International Night
Wed 9-Jul-2008         Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Fri 11-Jul-2008           Sunset Twirlers 13th Birthday - Rounds Only
Sat 12-Jul-2008          Kannella Squares Plus Night
Sat 12-Jul-2008          Sunset Twirlers 13th Birthday - Mainstream
Fri 25-Jul-2008          The Weavers Christmas in July
Fri 25-Jul-2008           Wild Frontier Christmas in July
Sat 26-Jul-2008          Shooting Stars Xmas in July
Sun 27-Jul-2008         Weekend in Blanchetown
Thur 31-Jul-2008        SASDS Meeting
Thur 31-Jul-2008        Leisurely Squares Pizza Night


Sat 2-Aug-2008           Wild Frontier Charity Night
Mon 11-Aug-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Pancake Night
Wed 13-Aug-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Fri 15-Aug-2008          Shooting Stars Soup & Crusty Bread Night
Sat 16-Aug-2008          Kannella Squares C Night
Thur 28-Aug-2008      SASDS Meeting
Fri 29-Aug-2008          34th State Convention
Sat 30-Aug-2008         All Clubs in South Australia
Sun 31-Aug-2008         CLOSED


Moin 1-Sep-2008        Adelaide Outlaws Fathers Day Dance
Thur 4-Sep-2008        Leisurely Squares Fathers Day Dance
Fri 5-Sep-2008            Shooting Stars Fathers Day Dance
Fri 5-Sep-2008            Weavers Fathers Day Dance
Wed 10-Sep-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Sat 13-Sep-2008          Kannella Squares Plus Night
Fri 19-Sep-2008           Wild Frontiers Favourite Record Night
Fri 26-Sep-2008          Shooting Stars Footy Fever
Sat 27-Sep-2008          Adelaide Outlaws 23rd Birthday


Fri 3-Oct-2008             The Weavers CLOSED
Fri 3-Oct-2008             Shooting Stars CLOSED
Wed 8-Oct-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Sat 11-Oct-2008           Wild Frontiers 40's Night
Fri 17-Oct-2008           Wild Frontier AGM
Sat 18-Oct-2008           SARDA Dance
Sun 19-Oct-2008          Liesurley Squares Day Trip
Thur 23-Oct-2008        SASDS Meeting
Fri 24-Oct-2008           The Weavers Strawberries and Cream
Sat 25-Oct-2008          Kannella Squares 33rd Birthday
Mon 27-Oct-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Halloween Dance
Fri 31-Oct-2008           Pine City Twirlers Birthday Bash


Sat 1-Nov-2008            Pine City Twirlers Birthday Bash
Sun 2-Nov-2008          Pine City Twirlers Birthday Bash
Mon 3-Nov-2008         Pine City Twirlers Birthday Bash
Fri 7-Nov-2008             Shooting Stars Melbourne Cup
Fri 7-Nov-2008             Wild Frontiers Strawberries & Crepe
Mon 10-Nov-2008       Adelaide Outlaws Scones & Cream AGM Night
Tues 11-Nov-2008        Kannella Squares AGM
Wed 12-Nov-2008        Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Sat 15-Nov-2008          SASDS Xmas Dance
Sat 22-Nov-2008          Leisurely Squares Xmas Dinner
Mon 24-Nov-2008        Kannella Squares CLOSED
Tues 25-Nov-2008       Kannella Squares Wild Frontier Combined Xmas Dinner
Thur 27-Nov-2008        SASDS Meeting


Sat 6-Dec-2008              Shooting Stars Xmas Dinner & Dance
Wed 10-Dec-2008         Adelaide Outlaws Plus CLOSED
Wed 10-Dec-2008         Sunset Twirlers Breakup
Thur 11-Dec-2008         Sunset Twirlers Breakup
Thur 11-Dec-2008         Leisurely Squares Breakup
Fri 12-Dec-2008            The Weavers Breakup
Sat 13-Dec-2008            SARDA Xmas Dance
Sat 13-Dec-2008            The Weavers Xmas Dinner
Mon 15-Dec-2008          Kannella Squares CLOSED
Mon 15-Dec-2008          Adelaide Outlaws Xmas Party
Tues 16-Dec-2008          Kannella Squares Xmas Breakup
Wed 17-Dec-2008           Adelaide Outlaws Plus Party & Xmas Breakup
Thur 18-Dec-2008          T&T Rounds Xmas Breakup
Fri 19-Dec-2008              Wild Frontier Xmas Breakup
Wed 31-Dec-2008           Wild Frontier New Years Eve Party



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