Square Dance Lessons on DVD

December 16, 2007

Square Dance Lessons on Video

Searching on YouTube for Plus video lessons I came across an excellent video lesson by the Traveling Hoedowners from Florida. The high standard of the video left the dozens of other videos on YouTube for dust. I was looking for something to help me remember the Plus moves that Jeff Seidel has been teaching us in Wild Frontier's latest Plus class. With six days between lessons I tend to forget a fair bit!

The Traveling Hoedowners have produced two DVD's - one for Mainstream, and the other for Plus. I was so impressed with the sample lesson on YouTube that I purchased their Plus DVD. I've included some information on the DVD's below but I recommend you visit their web-site and see the videos for yourself.

The Traveling Hoedowners Square Dance Reference DVDs
Professionally filmed in 2007

 * All region DVDs - these will play worldwide *

Sample chapters from the DVDs can be viewed here

Easy to use DVDs help you with every call as defined by CallerLab
Each call is in its own chapter for easy navigation.

Mainstream DVD - all 69 calls.
Plus DVD - all 30 calls.

USD $30 Each (Mainstream or Plus)
USD $200 for a lot of 10 - mix and match


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