Square Dance Party DVDs and CDs

August 2, 2009

A Review of the Square Dance Party CD and DVD

The Traveling Hoedowners have a well deserved reputation for the high quality Square Dance training videos they have produced in the past. Their latest production is a 4 disc DVD/CD combo set designed to provide music for square dance parties.

Once again, as with their previous productions, "Square Dance Party!" has been professionally filmed and produced to a very high standard, with Paul Place and Gene McCullough as the Callers. Sadly Paul Place died just after the videoing and taping was completed. There is both a Mainstream DVD/CD and a Plus DVD/CD so there's something for everybody. The DVD contains music, calls and video while the CD is only music with calls.

The advantage of having both CD's and DVD's in the set is that it shouldn't be a problem finding the right equipment to play them - most bases are covered. It doesn't matter whether you have a PC or Hi-Fi equipment, one of the discs will work. I tested both types of discs on my laptop using Real Player (free PC software) without any problems and also on my Hi-Fi system.

The DVD's have an easy to use menu system for selecting a dance and the CD's use standard retail track listings. There is a mixture of singing calls and patters, with 16 Mainstream and 14 Plus dances. Most users will probably only be interested in the music and calling but the DVD's also include video, so if you have a large screen tv or digital projector you can certainly liven up the party with videos.

If you're looking for some Mainstream or Plus square dance music then put "Square Dance Party!" at the top of your list. You won't be disappointed by this very professional production! The Traveling Hoedowners set a standard that is almost impossible for anyone else to exceed, such is the quality of their productions.

Samples from The Traveling Hoedowners Square Dance DVDs can be viewed here.


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