TAWS Alice Springs Meet-n-Greet

June 9, 2011

On Friday 27th May, those TAWS members who happened to be heading up to the Stuart Highway to the Darwin National Square Dance Convention and also happened to be in or around Alice Springs on this day, met at the Old Telegraph Station just north of the CBD for a “meet and greet” picnic.


Our Picnic Group (click on this and the next photo to enlarge / print)

We arrived at the TAWS picnic at about 1.00 PM to find a large group of square dancers sitting in the warm sunshine near one of the BBQ areas.  The group comprised TAWS members from every state in Australia except WA.  I counted 29 members but did not do a recount when some more members arrived later in the afternoon.  We ended up with well in excess of 30 at the gathering which equates to 16 or more caravans heading up the Stuart Highway.  Members said there were other TAWS caravans travelling via the Stuart highway that could not make it, others from Queensland travelling via the Landsborough Highway and others heading up the North West Coastal Highway in WA.

Because South Australians were virtually committed to travel via the Stuart Highway from Port Augusta to Darwin, we were well represented numbering 10 members from Wild Frontier /Kannella Squares (about 1/3rd of the contingent).

Our Group -  Could Be a Giant Wanted Poster

We sat, ate, drank and chatted until about 3.00PM.  Mal then thanked everyone for coming, he saide he was very pleased at the number of members who had made it and we all gathered for a group photo or two (minus yours truly).  A very pleasant afternoon concluded as we dispersed to our various locations (we did meet a few TAWS members later in Alice Springs Coles, stocking up before heading North).


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