TAWS National Coordinators’ ANNUAL REPORT 2008/09

May 8, 2009



.           Welcome to those members attending the 2009 AGM of Travelling Australia With Squaredancers, otherwise referred to as TAWS.

.           This year we celebrate two years since the official formation of TAWS, at the 48th National Convention In Adelaide.





.           At the time of compiling this Report we had 181 email addresses on our Register of Members. This figure equates to 337 members including a few who do not have email facilities but rely on others to pass on information.

.           We do urge members to pass on TAWS information at their clubs, via hard copies to friends and/or displaying information on club notice boards.

For the interest of members the breakdown of membership by State is as follows:

West Australia                        33 members

South Australia           110 members

Victoria                       84 members

Tasmania                     8members

A.C.T.                         8 members

New South Wales       48 members

Queensland                 46 members





.           Optimum effort is afforded in the preparation and distribution of this document for members. The aim is to provide a single document from which members have a snapshot of special square dance events programmed throughout the Nation. This document can only be as good as the information provided to us.


.           We acknowledge the following sources of data for the Diary:

.           Victorian Square Dance Association

.           South Australian Square Dance Society

.           Northern N.S.W. Square Dance Association

.           the South Pacific Review

.           Square Dancing Society of Queensland

.           Square Dance Society of W.A.

.           and a number of clubs.


.           We trust that the Diary of Events fulfils our aims and would welcome suggestions for improvement.





.           TAWS information is posted on a number of websites including:






You will also find TAWS links on a number of Club websites.

            We acknowledge the efforts of the respective Webmasters for listing TAWS information.





.           A TAWS Banner has been produced and will be displayed along with other club banners in the main hall of the 50th National convention. Two sizes of the banner were produced, the larger one for the National events and a smaller one for each State representative to display at State events.

A special thankyou goes to Marilyn and Craig Gardner, our A.C.T. Representatives, for arranging for the production and distribution of the banners. The total cost of the banners, (8 in number) was $200.00 plus $38.00 postage to State Representatives.

Payment for the banners was made up of $150.00 gifted from the disbanded Advanced Association, and the remaining $88.00 from the monies raised from our 2008 AGM Raffle.





.           A limited range of merchandise is available for members to purchase. The range is limited to clothing embroidered with the TAWS Logo as follows:

a.                   baseball style caps available in Navy Blue, or Black @ $12.00 each,

b.                  Ladies V Neck T shirts, in a range of colours @ $15.00 plus $6.00 postage

c.                   Ladies Polo Shirts in a range of colours @ $28.00 plus $6.00 postage

d.                  Men's polo shirts in a range of colours @ $28.00 plus $6.00 postage

Unfortunately there has been an increase in both the shirt prices and the postal charges since last year; nevertheless we consider that the merchandise is still reasonably priced

.           Members may purchase any of the above listed merchandise and possibly more "on-line" through our supplier Print N Stitch. Please contact Rod or Darren at  with specific reference to TAWS.


Caravan/Car Stickers

            Stickers have been produced and are available to members at a cost of $2.00 each. A sincere thankyou must go to Tony Boyd one of our Victorian members who very kindly arranged for the initial batch of 56 stickers at a bargain basement price. Quotations, ( four in number), were received for the production of the stickers and prices ranged from $1.15 - $3.50 each. Needless to say we accepted the $1.15 option. The stickers have proven very popular particularly with our caravanning members. Again thanks to Marilyn & Craig Gardner for organising the production run of Stickers and mailing out to members.


TAWS Name Badges

As you are aware TAWS name badges may ordered through our supplier EFCEE Services ( details supplied to members via an earlier email).

The badge was chosen after seeking three independent competitive designs and costings.

A  special thanks must go to Mary & Joe Slaats, (ACT members), for their efforts in supplying one of the competing designs.





.           The two official TAWS functions organised during the previous reporting period namely:


a.                   the TAWS Casino Hoedown 26May08 - 03Jun08, and

b.                  the TAWS Post National Fun & Dance Weekend at Buderim13-15Jun08.

were both a resounding success. Separate reports on those events were issued to Members.

A number of TAWS initiated functions are currently being considered for the future, but are very much just thoughts at this time. It is hoped that some ideas will evolve from the 2009 AGM.





.           TAWS was represented by one set in the Dressed Sets Parade at the 49th National Convention.

.           We understand that TAWS will be represented by 3 sets at the 50th National Convention this year. This is very pleasing and shows the keen interest that members are paying to TAWS. Well done to those members at both Nationals.





.           From a National Coordinator viewpoint this year has been fairly successful insomuch that we have progressed towards establishing our identity., albeit there is still much to be done in terms of recognition and acceptance by clubs and the square dance fraternity at large. Like many other organisations this effort is left to a few willing members and we ask all members to support this organisation in what ever small way that you can, so that we may realise our potential for all to enjoy.

It is hoped that some good ideas will come from the AGM.

Furthermore we urge our members to advise our National Coordinators and /or State Representatives of any ideas you may have for the future of TAWS.

In closing I wish to thank the State Representatives and members for their support throughout the reporting period.

Meanwhile have fun while dancing and travelling.


Report compiled by:


Mal Parrington

For and on behalf of,

TAWS Joint National Coordinators

Date of Report 04 April 2009


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