The End Of An Era – (3)

May 2, 2012

Section 3

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Sunday 8th April

This was the last dance day of the Easter Hoedown.  The cleaning, maintenance and kitchen crew were up early cooking breakfast sausages (Roger) eggs (Helen) toast (Heather & Margaret) dishes (Tony Bob).  Many dancers, weary from the night before, straggled in later than usual for their breakfasts.  Was this because of too much after dance partying?

Sunday Afternoon Was Workshop Time

Peter ran a square dance workshop in the afternoon, however I only went to the first part when he did some left and right hand scoot back from LH & RH waves and dandy lines and all the variations of mainstream circulate.  He also did some plus stuff but I missed that.

Workshops Do Not Have To Be All Doom And Gloom 

After a chicken and fish dinner prepared by Cathy Bruce family and friends, the dancers gathered in the hall to let their hair down at the last dance (ever).  During the night, there was a minimum of eight squares up, including for a plus bracket.  For much of the night there was 10 squares on the floor with 12 squashed in squares up for the very last tip likely to be called in the Barn.

Sunday Dinner: Poor old Des PLEASE !!!! Followed His Instructions

The Dining Room Was Full


 So Was The Dance Floor

Peter Did A Great Job Calling And Running The Show

Peters Club Made A Great Effort Supporting This Last Dance At The


 During the dance, Jaden, Paula, Emily, Ralphie (Baby) Ivan and Silvia gave a call.  Des, microphone in hand reminisced about previous Speewa Hoedowns and the characters who had attended and helped out.  Alan (VSDA president) thanked Des for his unselfish contribution over the last 45 years to Australias square dance community.  Peter thanked Des and presented him with a giant “Thank You card”, signed by everyone on the floor.

All The Callers Did A Great Job

It was Great To See Emily Call, We Need Some New Young Blood

Des Did Some Reminiscing 

Alan Thanked Des For His Ongoing Contribution To Square Dancing 

Des Was Given A Big Thankyou Card Signed By Everyone Present

Darren and Philip who had driven up just for this final day also called, with Philip winding up the crowd on the dance floor just prior to the last tip in which Peter called “The Last Cowboy” as a final tribute to Des’s Speewa Easter Hoedown.  Des then joined Peter for the very very last call likely to be made in the Barn.  They both sang “Show Me the Way to Go Home”.  This emotional conclusion was followed by supper and we went home to bed (well some did whilst others kicked on).

Philip Wound Up The Crowded Dance Floor 

Des And Peter Gave The Last Call Probably The Last Call Ever To Be Made At The Barn

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