The Traveling Hoedowners Offer Free Websites

January 3, 2009

Today a web presence is a practical necessity. A website gives you a central place to keep the key information about your club. This enables visitors to your area to find you and dance at your club.

The author is part of a group dedicated to the promotion of square dancing, The Traveling Hoedowners, and we can support a free basic webpage for your club requiring no web skills on your part.

We have allocated space for club websites under If your club does not have a website and would like one, the author is willing to create a simple site for you under that domain.

You will need to supply basic information: your club’s name, your dance location, when you dance and at what level, and contact information (at least one contact name with an email address or phone number or both). If you have several contacts (president, caller, raid leader, etc.), I can list them all. Your site will be much more attractive if you supply a couple of photos for the site – a dance in progress is always nice, or a photo of your caller or officers. There will be no cost to you of any kind, but any website will have, at the bottom of the site, a graphic and a link to the Traveling Hoedowners’ homepage.

Send this information to: websites at travelinghoedowners dot com (modify syntax before use)

There are some caveats – this free service is primarily to help people find you; it is not suitable for general communications with your membership. Obviously you will need changes made (a new president, a new location, new dance times) but please keep edit requests to a minimum. Mistakes are inevitable and it is up to you to check the site and report errors. If you are unhappy with this free service your only recourse is to ask me to take your site down.

It is my sincere hope that eventually you will decide to take control of your website and will host and edit it on your own, at which time, if you supply the needed information, your site on will simply refer visitors to your new site.

These sites will be maintained on a best effort basis only. Further, we reserve the right to refuse a listing on our domain for any reason and may shut down at any time. This is a free service to promote square dance clubs ... nothing more.

Michael A. Craft - The Traveling Hoedowners


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