Square Dance Magazine

November 16, 2007

Square Dance

An online magazine for square dancers world-wide that lists calendars of square dance events. Square Dance Magazine is a resource where square dancers can find out about future dances, plus read square dancing articles and reports that include photos of recent square dance activities, hence the magazine format.

If you are a square dance club without a web page, you can post articles and information on this site, you can even have your own club page. This is a FREE service, given to you in the true spirit of square dancing. Initially we will post your information for you, but, once we recognize you as a bona fide organization, you will be able to post your own articles.

Initially much of the content will focus on Australian square dance activities but we expect this to change with time and to take on an international flavor.

We invite contributions from square dancers and square dance clubs anywhere, and welcome regular contributors who we can set up with personal access to the web-site via the WordPress interface which makes contributing articles very easy.

Our goal is to promote square dancing on a world-wide basis as an activity for young and old. Share this web-site with your friends and help us promote square dancing.


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