Why man-to-man defense is mostly preferred technique by players in basketball?

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Man-to-man defense is type of defense, which is primarily used in sports like basketball. In this defense, each player has to defend the techniques of the player in offense during a match. The position of the player is not fixed as he can change it anytime when he required to change. It is considered more aggressive defense as compare to zonal defense in basketball.

Nowadays, youth basketball man to man defense techniques are provided to youngsters so that they will acquire it fully until they become adult. It will make them more skillful and harder to handle any match.

Various pros of Man to man defense technique

  • It will make you more defensive dribbling player as offender will be just beside you to steal the basketball from you.
  • The ball will be in your hand, and you will be the only player left in the field of a basketball court.
  • You can dribble without passing to other teammates.
  • You will give a chance to opponent teams to think more to cut your moves with better plays.
  • You can set obstacles and short traps for the opponent team players.
  • You can confuse the mindset of the opponent by showing different actions and performing various actions.
  • You can easily give mismatch to the weakest player of the opponent team
  • You can lead in a match by using your dribbling skills.

Various Cons of Man to man defense technique

  • This can easily give a weak point of your player to the opponent team.
  • Sometimes, a player is not able to handle cuts and moves of offense, which can result in loss of a match.
  • It also exploits the weaker and slower defender of the teams.

Thus, Man to man defense is one of the best defensive technique, which is also adopted by the NBA.

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