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Phillips Electronics has been an innovator in lighting for almost 120 years. Nowadays, they produce light bulbs which cover almost every conceivable require. The kinds of lighting that Phillips manufactures consist of industrial, retail, commercial, home, outside, car, LED, sports buildings, and airfield. Phillips offers a multitude of lights and lights, most of them valuable in several areas.

Commercial, Retail and Commercial Lighting

One industrial lighting solution that Phillips offers is ceramic metal release halide (CDM) lighting. These lights use metal halide salts that vaporize at a higher heat, making a daylight like light that is certainly much more energy efficient compared to a similar incandescent light bulb. Phillips All Start Technology creates long enduring lighting that are good for use on outdoor indicators, and industrial or retail areas where higher ceilings make regular light bulb modifications impractical. Phillips CDM lamps are vintage match to current ballasts, and can be applied instantly.

More industrial lights choices include Phillips’ T5 HO fluorescent lamps which can be long lifestyle as well as saving, as well as their Extreme Temperature lights that maintain their lights capability even in really hot or really cold temperature ranges. Tuff Shield coating on luminescent and incandescent bulbs can make these lighting shatter proof, and ALTO Technologies fluorescent lights are manufactured with reduced mercury.

MasterColor is really a Phillips brand that includes PAR lamps, pulse begin lights and CDMs which can be useful for lighting merchandise in retailers.

Home Lights

Phillips lighting is also notable home based lighting, and provide many options, including energy saving bulbs. Dura Max lights last over standard incandescent lights and can be found in all bulb kinds used in the house, such as fan lights, decorative reflectors and smooth white-colored found in fittings and lights. All-natural Light lights are utilized to create lights that is similar to sunshine. Dura Max Plus bulbs last additional time, as much as a couple of years.

Halogena and Halogena Power saver lamps are halogen lighting for personal use. Halogen lights are long lasting, create a bright white-colored light, and they are dimmable. Phillips halogen bulbs consist of vanity lights and outdoor deluge lights. Halogena power savers can accomplish approximately 42Percent energy savings, will also be dimmable, and available designs consist of candlestick shaped and classic “A” shaped lights.

Another eco-pleasant option is Phillips’ Power Saver line of lightweight luminescent bulbs. These lights are Power Star qualified, last approximately 10 times over regular incandescent bulbs, and are for sale to virtually every personal use. Styles consist of twister bulbs, traditional “A” shaped lights, ornamental candle, globes, reflector flooding and outside lights.

HomeLight is Phillips’ type of regular size luminescent bulbs for household use. As well as the all objective soft white and cool white-colored fluorescent tubes, Phillips offers a Natural Sunshine color that simulates all-natural daylight and Daylight Deluxe that is a cool bright white-colored light. Like their commercial alternatives, HomeLight bulbs are manufactured with Phillips’ ALTO reduced mercury technologies.


Light emitting diodes were as soon as restricted to wrist watches and digital show panels. But with enhancements in technologies, LED lamps are readily available in a broad selection of lights items. Phillips companies LED lights for house, industrial, and industrial use. Benefits of LEDs consist of long lifestyle, power effectiveness (approximately 80Percent savings), minimum warmth, no Ultra violet, no mercury, and LED doesn’t fade colors.

Phillips Ambient Directed bulbs are LED lights made to fit into current house fittings, including decorative sconces, chandeliers, recessed lighting, and track lights. The Affininum line makes LED lights obtainable in commercial configurations by placing them in aluminum posterbox components. These lights can then be placed in the border of a display sign, sending light across the display. The Affinium LED String Systems are made to light up lettering for shop or brands. Affininum LED lights are also in modules to replace fluorescent lights in refrigerated show cases. Benefits consist of clients, workers and food not subjected to mercury or any other hazardous elements ought to a florescent bulb break.

Phillips Endura Light emitting diodes are compatible with low degree ambient lighting that could be needed in retailers or hotel lobbies in which lights must remain on all the time, or where regular bulb changing is difficult, including in higher ceilings, or stairwells. Similar to other Phillips lighting, EnduraLED retrofit into existing fixtures. Available lights include place lighting, 10º or 25º angle beams lighting, highlight, candle, as well as a formed bulbs.

Automotive Light Lights

Phillips manufactures a broad range of halogen and incandescent lights for use in customer engine automobiles. In addition to standard bulbs, Phillips offers a range of specialized lamps.

Ecovision bulbs use much less power than regular halogen lights, and Longer lifestyle have two times the life duration of standards. X-treme Power bulbs give off approximately 80Percent much more light, and Crystal vision bulbs emit a brighter white light. BlueVision lamps appear blue/white for high overall performance vehicles as do Xenon HID bulbs, which offer two times the light of regular halogen lights.

Eyesight plus lights give off a beam which is 50 feet longer, and Night manual lights emit a 3 toned beam; yellowish, towards the left for reducing glare from oncoming cars, vibrant white-colored in the middle to improve vision as well as a blue well toned light to the right to boost presence of road indicators. MotoVision bulbs are made especially for motorcycles.

Outside, Airfield and Sports Arenas

In addition to MasterColor CDM lighting, Phillips supplies the CosmoPolis Outdoor lighting program. These can change older quarts, mercury or sodium halide lights with a small steel halide bulbs and enhanced digital ballasts. Advantages consist of higher quality light, long lifestyle, power savings and compact size.

For stadium lighting, Phillips offers the ArenaVision MVF403 lamp with its MasterColor halide light bulb and 7 precision beam distributions, and the Industry Eclipse, which also uses a halide light bulb and contains a shutter for immediate kfmzal and off. The F Eclipse, initially created as being an commercial flood light, is wonderful for smaller stadiums and arenas.

Phillips Airfield line consists of lamps for taxi cab, runway, and airport terminal strategy. Halogen and standard incandescent lights are available, as well as Long Life halogen airfield lights. Long Lifestyle halogens last two times as long as regular airfield lamps and are lead and mercury free.

They are only some of the lights and lights options offered by Phillips Lighting. Phillips is still a leader in consum.

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